A PLEA has gone out to sign a petition calling for the Glasgow 2014 uniforms to be changed.

Just hours after their launch protestors flocked to social media to make their thoughts known on the brightly coloured outfits.

And now a change.org petition has been set up called "Rethink and change the official Scottish uniform for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony".

So far, the petition has attracted over 4,300 signatures.

Campaign founder Richard Brown said: "Please step in and prevent them being used while there's still time for an emergency Plan B - before our poor, brave-faced athletes are subjected to parading around in them.

"These uniforms are an embarrassment."

Meanwhile, designer Jilli Blackwood said she has been subjected to bullying since the launch of the uniforms.

She added: "I wouldn't be a human being if I didn't say it's hard.

"It has been very hurtful."