A POLICE officer assaulted his girlfriend at their West End flat after challenging her about a Facebook picture, a court heard.

Katie Leversha-White, a nurse, told police that Scott Miller slapped her, held her on to the bed, elbowed her on the stomach and headbutted her at her Hyndland flat.

The 27-year-old alleged to the officers that he hit her on the side of the face before she repeatedly asked him to leave the property on Novar Drive.

Miller is on trial accused of assaulting Miss Leversha-White on July 25, last year, at the property where they both live.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that after returning home from work, Miller questioned his partner about why she had changed her profile picture on her Facebook page.

She is said to have told officers: "In the hall he slapped me full force on the right ear. I didn't fall but I was really shocked and surprised."

The court heard her left ear was perforated, she had abdominal bruising and her nose was cut. However Miss Leversha-White said she believes the injuries she sustained were done accidentally.

Miller's trial before sheriff Alan Miller continues later this month.