HE'S already a star of the small screen.

But last night Pudsey the dog took the walkies of fame along the red carpet at the Glasgow premiere of his new movie.

Before the big event he and owner Ashleigh Butler, who shot to fame on 2012's Britain's Got Talent, popped into the Evening Times offices.

And Pudsey, a Border collie, bichon frise and Chinese crested powderpuff cross, was groomed for a very special task.

After having a his coat brushed and a quick doggie treat, Pudsey braced himself to choose a World Cup winner. And we can exclusively reveal... it's going to be Argentina.

Pudsey was certain he had the top team in his sights, putting his paws up for Argentina three times in a row.

Ashleigh, 19, said: "I stopped watching the World Cup after England were knocked out, but I might just go and put a bet on now.

"Pudsey was pretty determined there that Argentina are going to win. We'll keep an eye on the match on Sunday to find out whether he's right or not. If so, it'll be the lottery numbers next."

During the visit our staff fell for the fluffy dog's charms - and are taking on his top tip about the winning side.