FOUR new bus lane cameras are to be installed for the Fastlink scheme when it opens next year.

Cameras will be sited on the Squinty Bridge and at two locations south of the river.

A report, telling bus operators what their responsibilities are to run on the route outlines the plans. It also states other cameras can be installed at other locations if necessary.

Fastlink buses will run over the bridge linking Finnieston to Govan with a dedicated bus lane on each side of the carriageway.

Cameras will be installed to cover both the north and south bound lanes to ensure buses have a free run across the bridge.

Two other cameras will be put up in Govan Road close to Aboukir Street and at Golspie Street on the northbound section and other parts of the route will be bus only with the road clearly marked.

The report states enforcement officers will patrol the route on foot and on scooters, with increased checks at peak times.

Bus lane cameras have been controversial in the city with motorists voicing suspicion they are there to generate cash rather than to deal with congestion and pollution.

Drivers have been caught at the several sites currently in operation throughout the city and complaints have been made about fines handed out on Christmas Day and at times when no buses are running.

The council which has responsibility for enforcing the bus lanes said the new cameras will improve journeys.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "Bus lanes enforcement on the Fastlink route is crucial as it will help us deliver a more attractive service for commuters.

"Enforcement will enable services to better negotiate traffic congestion. Ensuring other motorists don't abuse bus lanes is an important part of providing the best service for passengers."

Some restrictions will also apply to taxis, private hire cars and bikes. The report states: "Taxis, licensed private hire cars and bicycles will be able to use 'With-flow Bus Lanes' but will be prohibited from using 'With Flow Bus Only Lanes' and 'Bus Only Routes' as part of the Council's commitment to the Scheme."

The report said taxi operations on the Fastlink route will be monitored and any infringements reported to the Taxi and private hire enforcement unit.