TRIBUTES have poured in for the owner of Glasgow's first comic book shop who has died at the age of 59.

Neil Craig, owner of Futureshock in Woodlands Road, died suddenly on June 29.

Comic book writer Mark Millar paid tribute to the "one-off" entrepreneur on his website, and said he was "incredibly sad" to hear of his death.

Mark, from Coatbridge, whose works include Kick-Ass and Wanted, said: "I'm genuinely shocked and sad about this, having just seen him recently.

"He was such a fixture of not just the comic-book scene, but also Glasgow's West End."

"I always thought he was a cool guy, one of those old- school comics intellectuals with a science as well as science-fiction background,

"I found his shop when I was 13 - these places were an oasis for me, a clubhouse of sorts where enthusiasts who had never met another comic-fan - this was pre-internet remember - could just hang out and chat about this hobby we all loved so much."

Once located in Byres Road, the small retail outlet moved premises in the nineties to its location at 200 Woodlands Road.

Packed with comic books, it was considered a treasure trove by many sci-fi and comic fans who would travel from across the city to browse the shelves.

Hundreds of comic-book fans posted tributes to the shop owner on Facebook.