DEMAND for help with household basics has seen Glasgow spend almost all its share of the Scottish Welfare Fund, new statistics reveal.

Claims for Community Care Grant and Crisis Grants saw Glasgow spend more than 90% of the fund in the last year while some councils spent less than half.

The average Community Care Grant in the city was the highest in Scotland at more than £900, compared to a Scottish average of £640, while crisis grants were also the highest at more than £100.

Community Care Grants are awarded for one-off purchases needed to establish or maintain a home. Crisis grants are smaller amounts to help people, usually on benefits, who need to respond to an emergency like a flood.

Overall the Scottish Welfare Fund, with a budget of £33m, was underspent by 12%.

Three councils overspent the amount - Renfrewshire, West Lothian and South Lanarkshire - while Aberdeenshire and East Renfrewshire spent less than half.

Across Scotland the most common item purchased using Community care Grants was bedding, with more than £1.5m spent. Cookers amounted for £800,000 and washing machines £750,000.

Food was the most common item bought with crisis grants, with three quarters of a million pounds allocated.

Labour accused the Scottish Government of not getting enough cash to people in need.

Jackie Baillie, Labour's Welfare spokeswoman, said: "These figures provide further evidence that this government is completely inept at getting resources to the people who need them most.

"The Scottish Government report states during 2013/14, a total of £29 million was awarded and £4.3 million was carried forward to spend in 2014.

"The Scottish Government must do more to ensure that support is given to those who need it most."