LITTLE Sophia turned one last week... the fastest year ever!

People told me before she was born that it would be a shock to the system, and they were right.

I now wonder what I used to do with my time before little buddha arrived.

Every day something different and memorable happens.

Sophia is set to begin a whole new adventure when she begins nursery this week and today I look over 12 things I have learned this year...

1/ Never leave home without a dummy.

2/ Always have a bib handy.

3/ Taking a baby through airport security is no easy task.

4/ It always takes 30 minutes longer than you estimate to leave the house with baby.

5/ Don't go down Buchanan Street if you want your baby to nap... too many loud buskers!

6/ Don't leave cat biscuits in reach of crawling buddha.

7/ Always have a muslin cloth over your shoulder when burping after feeding.

8/ Hangovers and being a parent don't mix, meaning they are now a thing of the past.

9/ Parents stop phoning to ask how you are... it's all about their grandchild now!

10/ Unplug the house phone during baby's naps as it's guaranteed a marketing firm will call and wake her up.

11/ Don't leave the TV remote control around when Sophia is crawling - the TV never works the same again after she plays with it.

12/ The numbers of all children's TV channels are now etched in my memory. Sadly, no time now for Sky Sports News!

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