CRAIG HOUSTON insists losing his cherished seat at Ibrox will be worth it if the Light Blue legions win their battle against the board.

The chief of fans group Sons of Struth is one of thousands of supporters who have refused to renew their season tickets this summer as Rangers hierarchy continues to blank calls to grant legal assurances over the future of Ibrox and Murray Park.

Fans will stage a march tomorrow to again show their fury at the under-fire powerbrokers.

And Mr Houston will lead them after losing the seat he has held for more than three decades and once had alongside his father and grandparents.

He was joined yesterday by former Rangers player John Brown, who has given his backing to fans group.

Mr Houston said: "The club actually divulged my seat number to someone who asked specifically to buy my seat and he was quite happy to tell everyone that on the internet.

"I can't go and sit in my seat, that is lost. It is something I had to be prepared to do.

"Standing up and asking people not to renew their season tickets, that was the risk and the gamble. I had a very nice seat in the middle of the main stand close to the directors box.

"Maybe they are happy I won't be as close to them next season.

"Of course it hurts. My grandmother passed away years ago.

"I was brought up on her tales of going to Barcelona and the likes and she was my biggest influence in following Rangers.

"Going into Ibrox often brought back a lot of dear memories to me. That opportunity is lost now.

"We will be here for longer than the directors and the faceless investors and hedge funds.

"We are Rangers supporters, we were here before them and we will be here after them. We will be here forever.

"The passion the fans have cannot be matched by any directors, especially those that don't have any passion for the club. Yes, we will win. Whether it is tomorrow, a month, a year, it doesn't matter. We will still be here and doing what is best for the club."