CONTROVERSIAL spikes that forced homeless sleepers from a Glasgow lane won't be replaced, estate agents have confirmed.

The spiked, metal barriers installed in St Vincent Lane provoked an angry backlash and were pulled up by activists days after they appeared next to a vacant building.

Now Savills, which is renting out the building, has confirmed the barriers will not be replaced.

A spokesperson for them said: "As the appointed agent for 131 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, barriers were installed which have now been removed.

"These will not be reinstalled."

The metal barriers, designed to prevent people sleeping rough against the sheltered side of the building, which has warm air vents, prompted widespread condemnation across social media.

Within 24 hours, a self-professed 'vigilante' removed them using a sprocket wrench.

They were then left piled on top of nearby bins and later moved into the garage area of the building.

Savills would not say whether they had been instructed by their clients to install the barriers, or if they had installed them themselves.

Glasgow City Council did not give permission for the barriers to be installed and ordered them to be removed within a week.

Following the publicity around the controversial anti-homeless spikes, Glasgow homeless volunteers The Invisibles encouraged T in the Park revellers to donate their used sleeping bags to help keep Glasgow's homeless warm.

They have so far received nearly 1000 sleeping bags,which are being distributed via homeless charities in the city.