A GLASGOW couple are celebrating after 60 years of marriage.

Govanites Jimmy and Sadie McCafferty say the key to their success is "doing everything together".

They met in the Penilee Masonic dance hall in 1952, and fell for each other instantly.

"I used to see Sadie at the dance hall every week," said 88-year-old Jimmy.

"She also worked close to me and I'd see her walking home or to work."

Jimmy and Sadie married two years after they met, with the ceremony taking place in Hillington's St Nicholas Church.

Members of both sides of the family gathered to celebrate at a reception held at Sadie's family home.

Sadly they have no keepsakes left over from their big day after a flood destroyed many of their prized possessions, including all their wedding photographs.

They were forced to stay in a hotel for 14 weeks after the tragedy happened eight years ago, but are now back at their home in Craigton.

After their marriage, they lived in Govan's Golspie Street before moving to Craigton.

They have four children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Sadie, who was originally from Partick, worked in a scarf factory and Jimmy worked in the Fairfield Shipyard for 30 years.

"I was a bingo caller too in the Vogue bingo hall," said 80-year-old Sadie.

The pair are well-known in their community and are ­described by their daughter Helen as "the best parents".

Helen, a Cordia carer, said her parents had faced some difficult times but have always weathered storms together.

"They're always together...except when my dad sneaks off to the bowling club for a half when mum's sleeping," Helen laughed.

"My mum was bingo mad, and my dad liked to socialise, and still does.

"He knows everyone and is always chatting to people outside the house."

Now in their 80s, they are looked after by daughter ­Helen and son Matt.