SHE may not have much time left, but Minnie's owners are determined to give her the best time possible.

The boxer dog is suffering from chronic kidney disease and may only have weeks to live. But foster mum and dad Danielle Campbell and Dave Fyfe have drawn up a bucket list of wishes for the four-year-old pooch.

Danielle, a youth worker, said: "We have not had Minnie very long, but she is part of our family now.

"Boxer Welfare Scotland had put out an emergency request for a family to take Minnie in and care for her in her last stages of life.

"We don't know much about her or the life she's had, but we want her last days to be as lovely and as much fun as possible."

Minnie was brought in to Boxer Welfare Scotland and left with the charity.

The dog's disease means she is very thin, she tires easily and she has incontinence problems.

Danielle, 24, pays for her vet bills and keeps Minnie on a restricted diet to help keep her comfortable.

She has settled well with her new family, which includes fellow dog Rogue, Danielle and Dave's two-year-old Alaskan Malamute.

Danielle, from Hamilton, says Minnie is a gorgeous, happy dog who doesn't seem to know how ill she is.

She added: "Minnie has the loveliest nature and she's just a big, happy bundle of fun. She thinks she can keep up with other dogs and doesn't know that she's really ill.

"Rogue seems to have an idea that Minnie isn't well and he's really gentle with her when they play together, even though he's usually very boisterous."

Danielle and Dave, who works for the Ministry of Defence, normally foster huskies and, after eight huskies, Minnie is their first boxer.

She's also the first terminally ill dog they have had and Danielle wants to make her life special. The kind-hearted foster mum is appealing for help in achieving 10 goals for Minnie.

Her bucket list includes:

l destroying a bag full of cuddly toys

l going camping

l a playdate with her doggy chums

l a day's pampering at a dog spa

l a swim in a hydrotherapy pool

l eating a McFlurry

l a doggy birthday party

l a walk on the beach

l a photoshoot

To get in touch with help - or suggestions for extra bucket list items, go to