IMAGES from the Evening Times archive are welcoming visitors to one of the city's 'newest' visitor attractions.

The Glasgow Tower reopened at the weekend after a £1.8million refurbishment.

The structure, which stands at 127m high, is capable of rotating through 360 degrees but has spent most of its life out of commission.

As part of its rebirth 23 pictures taken by Evening Times photographers over the years were selected for the entrance to the Tower.

The tower missed its opening day in June 2001, as well as the visit of the Queen to the Science Centre a few weeks later.

When it did finally open, it was found the glass elevators were too heavy, causing the mechanism to overheat.

However, engineers say there is no risk of any mishaps this time around as they have built in a number of safety features.

An automatic override kicks in when there are high winds above 20mph, which means passengers will be brought back down safely.

Tickets to Glasgow Tower cost £4.95. To book tickets, call 0141 420 5000 or drop into Glasgow Science Centre.

Picture: Colin Mearns