A GLASGOW restaurant owner has been ordered to take down ­another sign welcoming the Commonwealth Games.

Marco Giannasi, who has run the Battlefield Rest Italian trattoria, near Hampden, for 20 years, is angry after he was told to take down a sign bearing the words "Battlefield Rest Welcomes the 2014 C..........H Games".

He said he was visited by Trading Standards officials on Saturday, two days after the sign went up.

Their visit came after problems earlier in the year when Mr Giannasi was told to take down another specially made sign that featured the 2014 logo.

He said: "I told them I didn't even mention the word Commonwealth but they said they said they assumed that was what the CH ­referred to.

"It's the principle. It's ­ridiculous to make me take the sign down again. Surely a word is a word. They can't own the copyright on a word."

Mr Giannasi said he hadn't taken the sign down yet as he was told by the officials he had a week to get rid of it.

He said: "I'm angry about it.

"I haven't taken it down. I'm curious to see what they will do next".

Mr Giannasi had two signs specially made in April, using the logo and bearing the message "Welcome to Battlefield".

He was shocked to receive a letter from the 2014 "brand protection legal manager" headed "Notice of Infringement".

It informed him that he was breaching legislation as the logo is a "registered trade mark" and asked him to ­remove the signs.

The Evening Times ­previously reported how homeowners and landlords looking to cash in on the ­influx of visitors were banned from using the words Commonwealth Games when advertising accommodation.

Event organisers told the classified website Gumtree to remove adverts which offer accommodation explicitly referring to the Games in the headline.

A spokeswoman for the Games said the move was to discourage fraudsters and stop those seeking accommodation from being given the impression that property has an official connection to Glasgow 2014.

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