Spectators from all over the Commonwealth brought an incredible carnival atmosphere to the opening ceremony of the Glasgow Games.

From the Americas and ­Africa to the South Sea islands, they transformed Celtic Park into a riot of colour.

Many had got their tickets months in advance, others had grabbed them in a last-minute dash.

But the one shared thought among the 40,000 crowd was... 'we want to be part of the Games'.

Joyce Poon had travelled 6800 miles from Singapore to support her national team.

As a worker in the Singaporean Government's sports ministry, Joyce was keen to see how the Glasgow Games is run, as back in her country they will soon be hosting a similar event.

The Games will be an ­extra special occasion for Londoner Anna Siraut who is here to support her son Mark's home nation St Helena.

Mark was born in the ­island nation in 1999 and Anna wanted her son to learn more about the country he was born in.

Mum and daughter June and Sian Connelly, from Cambuslang, were offered tickets by a family friend yesterday.

Sian said: "I was really ­excited about the ceremony. I'm looking forward to the 100m too."

Mum June, however, ­admitted the big attraction for her was rocker Rod Stewart.

Katherine Knox, of Newton, finally got her hands on tickets for her group of four after the booking system failed her several times. She said: "I just wanted to be here and to be part of the celebrations. I wanted to soak up the atmosphere."

Helen Irvine, 57, and her husband Raymond, 59, have travelled from Jordanstown, in County Antrim, to support their daughter Hannah Willis, 29, who is captain of the Northern Ireland netball team.

Ms Irvine said: "We are really looking forward to the spectacle of it all this evening.

"We are not expecting a medal but we do hope to ­improve in the world rankings."

Nadege Outhey, 36, from Virginia in the United States, said: "I don't have a ticket for the ceremony but I have come to soak up the atmosphere with some friends.

It's going to be a great event."

Zanya McCartney, 39, is originally from Jamaica and now lives in Glasgow.

Dressed in the colours of the Jamaican flag, she said: "I am expecting this to be even better than the London Olympics.

"It's going to show off the exuberance of Glasgow - it is going to be magical."

She added: "I am most looking forward to seeing Usain Bolt, but I am supporting Scotland too."

Shona Jummun, 64, from Perth, will be cheering for Scotland and Mauritius ­during the Games.

She said: "I'm just excited about the whole thing - the ceremony, the Games, everything.

"My husband is from Mauritius, so I will be screaming for the team when I see them tonight. I've got my little Scotty dog brooch on for Scotland and my hat with Mauritius on it."

Julie Ritchie, 56, from Melbourne in Australia, said: "It's been lovely - the weather, the atmosphere and just how excited everyone is.

"We're just taking it all in and waiting for it all to begin."

They were joined by politicians including Alex ­Salmond, David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Mr Salmond paid tribute to those who were killed in the Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster and asked for a minute's silence.

He then thanked the crowd for their show of respect.