SPECTATORS hoping to celebrate Scotland's medal success with a drink at Hampden face paying more than £7 for a pint of beer.

A bottle of Heineken - the only beer available at the Commonwealth Games - costs £4.50, the equivalent of around £7.75 a pint.

Bars at the Mount Florida stadium, where the athletics events are being held, are also charging £5 for a 187.5ml glass of wine.

And alcohol isn't the only drink spectators are paying over the odds for - a bottle of still water costs £1.60 and a bottle of Irn-Bru or Coca-Cola is priced at £2.30. Tea and coffee also cost £2.30.

Hungry visitors pay £7 for fish and chips and a children's Scotch Pie costs £1.80, while a cheeseburger costs £7, a game pie costs £6 and a BLT or falafel wrap cost £5.

Aileen Coyle, from Partick, said: "I'm here with my partner and two children, so lunch is going to cost me a fortune.

"There are food bars everywhere too, which are constantly catching the kids' attention, meaning they are always wanting another drink or a snack.

"The food is good quality and the fish and chips we had were tasty, but it still was expensive for what we got."

Visitors are banned from bringing their own alcohol into the venues and airport-style security means liquids in containers of 100ml or more are confiscated upon arrival at Hampden Park.