This week, Erraid Davis: made from girders, the Cubies on Kiss Cam, Weegie Wedgies and getting the Royal wave presenting the gymnastics at the Hydro.

The last eight days have been a jam-packed jammy piece of sport, culture and fun. This week, my eyes have been firmly on the Games, so here are a few of my highlights.

Erraid Davis: made from girders!

There have been so many stars of the Games already but, for me, the one that has stood out (or should I say swum out) is little fish, Erraid Davis. At 13 years old, she's the youngest ever competitor - from any nation - to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games. She powered through the second part of the race to take bronze in the 100m breaststroke.

At 13, though, you might be wondering how she might celebrate her success? Well, apparently she was going to go out and get some Irn Bru and cake. Now that, is my kind of girl!

Games Love

One of the fun things we do in the Hydro, whilst we're waiting for scores to come in, or when there's a pause in competition is Kiss Cam. It's a wee game that was made famous in the US at basketball games…even the Obamas have puckered up!

So, when my folks said they were going to come and watch me at the gymnastics, I thought it would be great fun to stitch them up! It was very funny, they really went for it. I think my eyes are still burning! Here's the slightly more PG picture we took!

Weegie Wedgie

We've all heard of the likes of the Mo-Bot and the Lightening Bolt…but how about the Weegie Wedge? In one of the funniest and certainly most bizarre moments of the Games, Scottish table tennis player Gavin Rumgay celebrated winning a crucial point by giving himself a wedgie.

It reminded me of days gone by, when Scots would lift their kilts before heading into battle to frighten the opposing side (i.e if they were brave enough to go commando through all the heather and nettles, they were brave enough to do battle!) There's no doubt that the sight of Gavin's stripy boxers (up around his shoulders) definitely put his competitor, Luc Theriault, on the back foot. And whatever he did, it worked…Gavin fought back from two games down to win the match!

Table tennis: definitely not pants!

The Royal Weegie Wave!

The whole of the Royal cohort has been in and around Glasgow this week, getting in on the Games: photobombing selfies (or commonwealthies), talking tactics and cheering loudly (I meant politely clapping) all our athletes.

Not only that, though, they've also been getting in with the true nature of these 'friendly games' and this friendly city by giving it laldy with the crowds during the Weegie Waves. Basically, a 'Weegie Wave' is exactly the same as a Mexican Wave, but with more oomf, because this is Glasgow (of course)! It was definitely one of my favourite moments presenting the gymnastics at the Hydro this week, to see Harry, Kate and Wills getting involved. A whole new meaning to the Royal Wave!

Lovely Louis

Oh yes, and one last one. Gymnast Louis Smith thinking my presenting skills were up to scratch.

Possibly even better than the Royal nod!

Wee Bird Recommends

This weekend, the wealth of uncommon sporting achievement comes to an end with the closing ceremony. Tickets are almost sold out, so Wee recommend popping down to the newly renovated Kelvingrove Bandstand to join in the party. It's been an oasis of calm (at times) during the Games and, despite the rain forecast, it's likely to be a hot spot to watch the final moments of Glasgow's biggest party!