THE tourism industry in Glasgow will be one of the biggest winners of the Commonwealth Games, according to VisitScotland.

It says hotels and restaurants have experienced some of their busiest days on record, with many businesses expecting the Games effect to bring more visitors to the city.

Many people have already said they want to extend their stay in Glasgow or return again in the future.

The Games saw Glasgow enjoy some of the busiest days in its history, with an estimated 700,000 spectators attending the Big Weekend and around 1.2million tickets purchased.

A recent survey revealed up to 100,000 spectators are combing their Glasgow experience with a longer stay in Scotland, meaning the benefit of the Games could be felt right across the country.

Although the athletes are about to leave town, the national tourism organisation says the party is far from over.

Bosses say the city is in the midst of a "spectacular" summer, with a range of exhibitions and events, including the Magners Summer Nights Festival at Kelvingrove Bandstand and the Taste of the Tattoo, in George Square, still to come.

VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay said: "Over the past 10 days, there has been an incredible buzz in Glasgow.

"But it is the people that will help ensure Glasgow benefits long after the Games end.

"It is the people of Glasgow visitors, athletes and the media are talking about and it will be their warmth, passion and enthusiasm that is remembered.

"It is the warmth of our welcome that encourages millions to visit from all over the world and come back and see us time and time again."

Ryan James, chairman of Glasgow Restaurant Association, said: "The impact of the Games on the city's restaurants has been incredible, particularly around George Square and the Merchant City, where visitors have been enjoying the atmosphere whilst sampling the local cuisine.

"Last Saturday many restaurants had their busiest day on record and there is a real sense of positivity within the city that the benefits of hosting such a big event will continue to be felt for a very long time to come.

"Glasgow has proved to be a revelation to so many visitors who have come for the Games.

"Visitors not just from far afield either. We have had people from just outside Glasgow or from other cities who have been surprised and delighted by how fantastic Glasgow is.

"This is Glasgow's time to shine. It is a proud moment for the city and for all the partners who have worked so hard to achieve this."