From the tears to the triumphs, here are some of the best quotes from Glasgow 2014.

"I was summoned into chef de mission Jan Patterson's office and I felt like a kid in trouble at school. Fortunately it was good news - such meetings at school never ended as well as this one!" - Nick Matthew was handed the honour of being England's opening ceremony flag bearer.

"Police attended. Advice and assistance was given." - Police found four Sri Lanka cyclists tearing down the M74.

"He may be retired, but he still has his uses!" - Prime Minister David Cameron salutes Sir Chris Hoy, who helped Prince Imran of Malaysia open the baton that contained the Queen's opening ceremony address.

"I'm used to it now. I'm the guy who always comes second or third." - Jonny Brownlee finished second to brother Alistair in the triathlon.

"It was a dream, but I didn't think it would become a reality. I can't explain how it feels having that many people cheering you on in the last 50 metres - it was something I will remember for the rest of my life." - Ross Murdoch beat fellow Scot Michael Jamieson to 200m breaststroke glory.

"It's nice to do it in a velodrome named after some old bloke who used to ride a bike." - Veteran Scot Craig MacLean taunted Hoy after winning cycling gold with Neil Fachie.

"For freedom!" - Edinburgh Braveheart Dan Wallace bellowed his delight after winning 400 metres individual medley swimming gold.

"Being in an athletes' village is great until the ignorant athletes make more noise than a herd of elephants startled in a china shop." - England long-jumper Greg Rutherford was not sleeping well.

"There was chocolate everywhere - I'm surprised I managed to waddle out onto the platform actually, my belly was so big." - Weightlifting ace Zoe Smith fed her sweet tooth before competing.

"They didn't know before I came here, I didn't really know how to tell them." - Erraid Davies, the 13-year-old Shetland schoolgirl who won para-swimming bronze, had not told friends she was coming to the Games.

"It wasn't the prettiest squash I've ever played but I'm a Yorkshireman, an only child and a Leo so if you put that together you've got one hell of a stubborn so-and-so." - Nick Matthew explains how he beat fellow England ace James Willstrop to squash gold.

"She qualified because she is the best female boxer in our country - based on being the only one." - Kiribati team official Derek Andrewartha explains how 18-year-old women's flyweight boxer Taoriba Biniati was selected.

"It's a bit s***." - Usain Bolt reportedly told the Times he was no fan of Glasgow 2014.

"Awesome." - How Bolt described the Games after watching a women's netball game.

"I just can't believe it. I thought we could achieve the gold as a team, it's what we initially wanted. Then, I wanted to make finals in the all-arounds. I wasn't expecting gold. I just saw how close I was and grabbed it with both hands." - Sixteen-year-old English gymnast Claudia Fragapane won four gold medals.

"It was so bad. I was like, 'How the hell am I going to be able to run if I can't bend over to take my socks off?'. But somehow another miracle." - Scotland's Lynsey Sharp was on a drip at 5.30am in the morning, sick and barely able to move. Come the evening, she had won 800m track silver.

"This medal in Glasgow is up there with my Olympic gold." - Nicola Adams wowed the Glasgow boxing crowds.

"That's not my anthem." - Northern Irish gold-winning boxer Paddy Barnes sparked political debate after expressing aversion to 'Danny Boy' while on the podium.

"I think it feels almost comical to me, I'm 40 now, I've got two kids and the youngest is only 10 months. so to be out there trying to race against the Kenyans and getting a medal seems almost like I'm dreaming." - England's Jo Pavey was a brilliant bronze medallist in the 5,000m at Hampden.

"As my mate Kevin from the Royal Mail would say, I'm buzzing like a jar of wasps. The mail man has delivered once again." - Sparky Motherwell postman Charlie Flynn won lightweight boxing gold for Scotland.

"'Other than the weather it's been brilliant, it's been like any other championships. I got to watch a lot more sports and see a lot of athletes compete. I saw some surprising things, like a Jamaican winning the shot put. For me the only bad thing about this place is the weather, but I expected it." - Relay gold medallist Bolt decided the Commonwealth Games was not so bad after all.