NICOLA Sturgeon said with six weeks to go until the referendum, she is confident a majority of people will vote Yes.

Despite opinion polls still showing support falling short, and reaction to the First Minister's debate on television with Alistair Darling giving a boost to the No campaign, Ms Sturgeon said the independence message was getting through.

The Deputy First Minister launched a mobile advertising trailer with the message 'One Opportunity - to make the wealth of Scotland work for all the people who live and work here.' Ms Sturgeon said: "I know the two things are not identical but six weeks from the election in 2011, people wouldn't have put money on the SNP winning a majority.

"We know where we want to pitch our message. The message is this is our opportunity to build a better Scotland. When all is said and done, do we think it is better to take decisions here in Scotland?"

First Minister Alex Salmond has been under pressure to explain what currency Scotland would use if the UK refused a currency union.

Ms Sturgeon backed up his position stating the UK position was a negotiating stance.

She said: "I'm sure after a Yes vote they don't want to put £500m transaction costs on businesses.

She denied there was any discontent following the debate in which Mr Salmond was widely perceived to have 'lost' to Mr Darling.

She said the party was united in pushing forward for its aim of independence.

She added: "We are six weeks from the biggest moment in the party's history.

"This is what we came into politics for. The mood in the party has never been better."

She said the polling evidence following the debate was positive, adding: "Alex won that debate among women voters."