RANGERS fans have told Charles Green he is not welcome back at the club after reports linked the former chief executive with a shock return to Ibrox.

Green has already had two controversial spells at the club but it has been suggested he could be in line to plough £10million into the Championship side as part of an investment with American billionaire George Soros.

The Rangers board this week revealed plans to raise around £4m in a share issue to help the


club through another period of financial difficulty and chairman David Somers admitted yesterday that he could extend an olive branch to would-be investor Dave King.

Reports suggest Green and Soros will offer shareholders 20p per share for their stake in Rangers and, if rejected, will then offer a £10m loan to the club, but will demand Murray Park as security on the deal.

Supporters group Union of Fans spokesman Chris Graham said: "Charles Green is not welcome at Rangers and we believe any attempt by him to return would see a huge number of Rangers fans seriously consider a full boycott of the club.

"Mr Green lied to the Rangers fans on more than one occasion. He presided over a period of mismanagement which has once again left the club on its knees financially. He acted in his own and his original investors interests and never in the interests of the club.

"If he is indeed genuinely attempting to return then it will simply be to extract whatever more he can on behalf of the faceless investors he still represents. It is clear the board rift between Graham Wallace and Sandy Easdale cannot be mended and that the Blue Pitch and Margarita power block no longer feel they can exert enough influence through Easdale.

"He has been side-lined and they are turning back to the man who set up the 'onerous contracts' from which others have been benefitting since his arrival at the club.

"It appears Mr Green is struggling to maintain his grasp on reality if he thinks Rangers fans will accept a further pillaging of the club by his clients."