HOMELESS people across Scotland say they are being left out of the independence debate.

The finding emerged from a poll of a random selection of Big Issue vendors on independence.

The survey - dubbed the Vendorendum - has been published in this week's Big Issue. It found a narrow majority favour of a No vote.

But it also raised concerns that some of the poorest people in Scotland- many of whom are homeless - feel they are not being engaged.

Half of the sellers, who were picked randomly from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Fife, voted in favour of Scotland remaining part of the UK, while 46% opted for independence.

They have been sharing their opinions on the debate but said they were struggling to see how their vote would count.

Big Issue seller Danny, from Glasgow, said: "I feel like I don't count in this country. I'm just a number.

"The people who count, with all the money, they will decide.

"I haven't voted for 12 years."

Campaigners on both sides have reacted to the calls to engage homeless people.

A Better Together spokesman said: "This is the biggest decision we will every make in Scotland and it's important that everybody living here has their say.

"This isn't a debate for politicians alone - we need to hear the voices of people right across Scotland."

A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: "We know that Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, at number 14 it is richer than the UK, France and Japan.

"But for many people in our society, it doesn't feel like it.

"Instead, people in Glasgow are suffering at the hands of Westminster austerity and our Scottish Parliament, with limited powers, can only do so much to mitigate the effects of harmful policies like the Bedroom Tax."