Alex Salmond has failed to give women the answers they need on Scottish independence, according to shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran.

Labour MP Ms Curran described the SNP's commitment to women as "paper thin", as she launched an attack on their record in Government.

She is due to speak at a Labour Party summit for women's organisations in Edinburgh today, where she is expected to say that women are backing the No campaign because the First Minister "has failed to answer fundamental questions about the currency and are not willing to take this risk with their family's future".

Her speech comes after the latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey revealed a 12-point difference in support for independence between men and women - with, when undecided voters are excluded, 31% of female voters backing Yes, compared to 43% of men.

Ms Curran is expected to say: "Women are concerned about their own future and their family's future, and Alex Salmond hasn't given them any of the answers they need.

"They don't want to take this risk with their family's future."

Ms Curran will say the SNP Government has failed to deliver for women using its existing powers in childcare, health and education.

"They (female voters) know that the SNP only started paying attention to them when they wanted to win their votes," she will say.

Ms Curran will also outline the findings of House of Commons research, which looks at female board representation in several Scottish Government agencies since the SNP came to power in 2007.

The research found that fewer than a third of board members of some non-departmental public bodies are women, and several bodies, including Visit Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, have only one or two female board members.