GLASGOW City Council is at the centre of a ­possible e-mail hoax.

A council insider said there was no way of knowing if an e-mail claiming a delegation to Glasgow had been cancelled because of the flying of a Palestinian flag was true or false.

The e-mail, which arrived at the City Chambers from a Richard Cassini, claimed Mr Cassini was due to bring 600 people to the city who ­cancelled when they saw an image of the flag.

It was claimed the six-day trip would have generated thousands of pounds for the economy.

Mr Cassini claimed he ­represented a Fortune 500 company in America.

However, his e-mail was sent from a personal ­address. He said he was ­using his personal e-mail so as not to reveal the company he worked for.

Today a council spokesman said there have been no bookings for such a large group of people in the city.

In response to an e-mail from the Evening Times last night, in which we asked Mr Cassini who he is employed by and what the budget for the booking was, he said: "I am boarding a flight to California.

"It would be financially imprudent for me to expose my employer's name.

"All communications were sent as an individual private citizen."

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "We have no record of anyone planning a trip of this nature.

"It is likely that we would have heard if such a trip were being planned."

A council insider added: "We do not have any ­evidence this is not true, nor do we have evidence that it is true."