GAMES volunteers helped donate a signed Clyde mascot to a children's hospital.

The statue of the friendly thistle, signed by Chris Hoy, was due to be sold at auction this week but has now been given to Yorkhill.

A group of eager Clydesiders were determined to see the figure on display at the West End hospital and even started fundraising to buy the mascot themselves.

They sold personal mementos such as Games kit and souvenirs online, generating more than £4000.

To their delight, Games bosses have now removed the figure from the auction and have given it to Yorkhill, with volunteers planning to donate the cash they raised.

The statue was originally sited beside The Kelvin Hall - the volunteers' uniform and accreditation centre during the Games.

Kim Nelson, 27, was one of the Clydesiders involved in the fundraising.

She said: "It's the volunteers who made it possible -the organisers, Linda Jackson and I, only came up with the initial idea.

"We got a call from 2014 last night after we had placed a test bid on the auction saying the Clyde was ours.

"I cried, I laughed and I just couldn't believe it when they told us.

"We're really happy because we wanted to give either the Clyde statue or a donation to Yorkhill - now they have both."

So far, £4400 has been raised by hundreds of volunteers and the total is still climbing.

"It wasn't just Clydesiders, it was host city volunteers and others from all over," said Kim.

"We were overwhelmed with the support."

Jamie Redfern, General Manager for Women and Children's Services at the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: "We are absolutely delighted with the gift of the Clyde statue - it will take pride of place in our hospital grounds.

"Thank you to all at Glasgow 2014 and all the volunteers who have been working hard to raise money for our hospital."

As reported in the Evening Times, more than 1000 Clyde fans have signed a petition to keep the thistle as a permanent mascot for the city following the Games.