A WIDOW who came across a fatal crash that she later discovered had claimed the life of her 'model' son has won more than £200,000 in damages.

Martha Sarah Young, known as Sally, was going to meet her 26-year-old son David when she saw a badly damaged car against a tree.

Mrs Young, 60, who lost her husband in the Cormorant Alpha helicopter crash in the North Sea in 1992, was later told that her son and been struck and killed by the car.

She raised an action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh suing the car driver following the death of David, who was hit as he walked on the pavement of Danes Drive, Scotstoun, Glasgow on June 1 2010.

Arthur MacVean, then 63, of Northland Drive, Glasgow, was jailed for four and half years in 2012 at the High Court in Edinburgh for dangerous driving.

Lady Rae said she was satisfied that Mrs Young should be classed as a secondary victim.

The judge said: "I was of the view that she was clearly very upset before she had had the death confirmed."

The judge said Mrs Young began to feel uncomfortable very shortly after seeing the wrecked vehicle and her suspicions about her son's involvement began fairly soon and she became distressed before police confirmed his death.

The court heard that Mrs Young, of Westerton Avenue, Bearsden, Glasgow, and her son were very close.

The judge said: "She spoke of him as taking over some of the roles of his father. She said he was a 'model son'."

Mrs Young told the court that following his death she was unable to visit places where she used to meet her son.

"She had thoughts of him 'every other day," the judge said.

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