A HOST of Scots TV and sport stars have backed the detect cancer early campaign.

Some of the big names including Sir Alex Ferguson have thrown their weight behind it because they have lost family to the disease.

Aberdeen and Manchester United legend Sir Alex lost his dad Alexander at 66 in 1979 and his mum Elizabeth, 64, from the same disease in 1986, so his message came straight for the heart.

Sir Alex, who was brought up in Govan, said: "I wanted to be involved in this campaign as I lost both my parents to lung cancer. I know the devastating impact cancer can have on families.

"But cancer's not what it used to be and there are now treatments that can save or extend your life.

"So rather than doing nothing about it, I urge anyone who is worried to get checked as early as they can."

Ballieston-born star Elaine C Smith, above, lost her mum to breast cancer.

She said: "I lost my own mum to breast cancer and I know that if she had seen this campaign she would have known what she was looking for, and perhaps visited the doctor and been checked much earlier.

"For some, the campaign might be shocking, but as far as I'm concerned if this saves one life it is absolutely worth it."

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games silver medalist and poster girl Eilidh Child also backed the lung cancer drive.

She said: "I absolutely rely on my lungs to do my job as an athlete so I know just how important it is to look after them.

"I wouldn't be able to run as well even with the slightest infection to my lungs, so I'd advise anyone who is worried about a change to their breathing or a cough, to go to their GP straight away.

"Being Scottish, I'm well aware of the impact lung cancer has on people. But being aware of any change to your chest and doing something about it is the first step to detecting cancer early."