THE dishes were crawling with critters but that didn't bug diners in Glasgow...

The pop-up "pestaurant" in the city centre was in town for one day only and served up an assortment of insects that were flying off the plates as passers-by tried the crunchy "treats".

From salt and vinegar crickets to cheddar cheese mealworms, scorpion brittle and chocolate bugbars, curious visitors got more than a mouthful at the free Rentokil restaurant in Buchanan Street.

Connor Robinson, 19, sampled a selection. He said: "I've tried the salt and vinegar crickets, the plain roasted crickets and the chocolate covered bugs.

"The crickets tasted just like crisps, I think the salt and vinegar makes them taste 'normal.'

"The plain ones didn't really taste of anything and the chocolate bugs were just like chocolate."

Connor, who was visiting from Stirling, described himself as quite an adventurous eater and wasn't at all put off by the unusual fare. His friend Abby McCormack, also 19, from Kirkcaldy, persuaded him to try a large plain locust.

He added: "It's really dry. It tastes quite woody."

Abby, who also tucked into a selection of grubs, agreed. She said: "They taste like nuts. The salt and vinegar ones were my favourite."

Jean Gorman from West Belfast tried a chocolate bug and said: "It was surprisingly tasty! I think I'll have another."

Shirely King, area support officer with the pest control company, said the salt and vinegar bugs were by far the most popular.