MEET the horse that likes to says neigh - but a Yes to independence.

The equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington outside the Gallery of Modern Art has been given a Yes flag by some cheeky independence campaigners.

For good measure, the Duke himself is wearing a Yes cone.

One passer by said: "You wonder how they managed to get the flag up there without being seen."

The statue and its traffic cones have become a famous Glasgow emblem.

Last year, however, Glasgow City Council announced plans to deter the vandalism of the statue by raising the statue to make it inaccessible.

But a protest petition attracted 10,000 signatures, and the council later backed down.

The Yes materials were taken down yesterday.

A council spokeswoman said: "They have been removed, as the Referendum Act 2013 is clear - council property can't be used to promote either side in the referendum."