Mr Murphy has suspended his street hustings tour amid allegations of a co-ordinated campaign to intimidate and bully people from supporting the no campaign.

The no campaigner has called on Yes Scotland to "call off the attack dogs" and a letter has been sent from Better Together Chief Executive to his Yes Scotland Counterpart Blair Jenkins asking him to call on those responsible to behave.

He said his 100 streets in 100 days tour where he stands on two Irn Bur crates and conducts hustings taking questions and engaging in debate with opponents has gone from good natured debate to nasty co-ordinated intimidation.

Mr Murphy said "nationalist mobs" have been organised to gather where he is speaking and heckle and abuse him and undecided voters.

He said it is being co-ordinated on Yes facebook pages and at one event, in Kirkcaldy in Fife, he watched as those responsible for hurling abuse returned to a local Yes Scotland office in

Mr Murphy said he has taken the decision to suspend the tour for 72 hours to provide safety training to his staff and to take advice from the police.

He said: "The blame for this lies at Yes Scotland's door. They should stop this intimidation."

Mr Murphy said "I don't know how high up this goes".

He has released a video showing people wearing yes badges and waving Yes Scotland flags shouting and swearing calling him a traitor, a terrorist and a quisling.

He said other people who were asking him questions were abused and shouted down and a photographer and television journalists threatened with violence.

Mr Murphy said he was challenged to a fight in Aberdeen and again in Kilmarnock.

The last event ended with a man splatting his back with an egg before quickly walking off with Mr Murphy calling after him "Is that the best you've got".

He said the egg incident was not a problem but he was more concerned with what he called

He said: "We are not going to be silenced or intimidated by a noisy nationalist mob."