A CULT music store loved by bands including The Pogues and Sonic Youth is to close.

Volcanic Tongue, based in Glasgow's Finnieston, has shut to allow the owners to focus on different projects.

It was launched 10 years ago by musician Heather Leigh and her partner, writer David Keenan.

The self confessed champions of underground music said they wanted to "go out on a high".

Mr Keenan, 43, said they had seen many changes in their time.

He said: "Ten years is a long time and a lot has changed in that time.

"We were always about the product - the cassette tapes, the vinyl - and digitalisation has happened.

"There will always be a hardcore group who will want products but we wanted to step back from the scene."

In a statement the two added: "The underground that Volcanic Tongue has consistently championed has changed dramatically since we first began, as has the way we listen to and interact with it, and it has become much more difficult to keep a service like Volcanic Tongue

economically viable.

"The last 12 months feels like the end of a particular cycle in underground music, but we're just as excited to see how the culture develops without us, even as our future plans take us deeper."

When the shop first opened as an online shop, singer Thurston Moore of the American band Sonic Youth was the first person to place an order with the fledgling company.

The store was also frequented by members of The Pogues and English musician Julian Cope.

Mr Keenan said: "We've had customers from every corner of the world.

"We can't believe the outpouring we've had since we've announced the closure. It really shows how big our family became."

Music fans have taken to social networking sites to pay tribute to the niche store.

Nick Newport said: "Thank you for 10 amazing years, and good luck with all your future projects."

Neil Campbell said: "One of my favourite things about @volcanictongue = their refusal to stock music they didn't like."