YOUNG pianist Ethan Loch's virtuoso performance impressed the judges at the Glasgow Music Festival.

The 10-year-old, who was born completely blind, came second in the Modern Piano Solos class.

Thousands of musicians, vocalists, dancers and speakers of all ages will take part in a series of events across the city.

Ethan is from a musical family based in Dennyloanhead, near Falkirk.

His mother Larinda said: "Ethan does everything by ear.

"He has been playing piano since he was four, has a perfect pitch and within a day or two of first hearing a tune he has learned it."

He also came joint third in the Piano Sonata class.

Ethan, who is one of the youngest performers, will also compete in the accordion competition next week.

Held annually since 1911, the Glasgow Music Festival is a two-week celebration of music, speech, drama and dance with about 7000 performers.

Results round-up

Thomas A Kerr Memorial Trophy: Poppy Shotts

Glasgow Grand Opera Society Trophy: Glen Cunningham.

Piano Sonata: 1 Ryan Corbett, 2 Iain A Clarke, 3 Ethan Loch, 3 Colum Donovan-Paterson.

Art Song: 1 Poppy Shotts,

2 Calum MacDonald,

3 Mairiosa Biddle.

Opera Aria: 1 Glen Cunningham, 2 Calum MacDonald, 3 Elizabeth Anne Jack.

Vocal Solos (50+):

1 Margaret Smith, 2 Alison Morton, 3 Christopher Thomson.

Scottish Vocal Solos:

1 Poppy Shotts, 2 Pamela Moore, 3 Ruth Oliver.

Modern Piano Solos:

1 Anna Michels,

2 Ethan Loch, 3 Duncan Fraser.

Piano Solos B: 1 Hector Shaw, 2 Lucas Lemoine,

2 Anna Mackenzie.

Piano Duets A: 1 Zain Cruickshank and Mika Takahashi, 2 Laura Minty and Heather Smyth.

Violin Solos - Open:

1 Serena Whitmarsh, 2 Emma

Baird, 3 Keiren Cheung.

Violin Solos A: 1 Sophie Boyd, 2 Anna Mackenzie,

3 Ella Fraser.

Viola Solos-Open: 1 Nico Ersfeld Mandujano.