GLASGOW rockers The Trend are definitely ones to watch in 2017 – especially if a Britpop revival happens.

The sound has returned to the forefront of music – no doubt fuelled by The Stone Roses touring again and whispers of an Oasis reunion.

And it appears The Trend are leading the way in giving that nostalgic 90s sound a modern feel.

“For us we never tried to make that kind of music, it is just what we have listened to all our lives so that is going to come out in the songs that we make,” explained lead guitarist Del Greig.

He continued: “There has not been anything great since Britpop and now.

“There has been one or two bands that stand out but there has not been a musical movement as important as Britpop.

“I think people do like hearing that sound and it gives us a wide range of people to play to.

“We play to older crowds a lot more compared to other bands that we know. But at the same time younger folk like it as well.”

After a few personnel changes since they formed three years ago, The Trend have settled on Del, 26; singer Ryan Malone, 23; drummer Josh Carmichael, 20 and bassist Jonny Carroll, 29.

Del said: “The first year, we had high hopes but the line-up wasn’t quite right.

“The year after that we had to regroup but we saw the crowds drop and there was a lack of motivation.

“As soon as we got Jonny and Josh in the band in the middle of last year, it has picked up.”

Things picking up is perhaps a bit modest as the band have secured a record deal which will see them release their first single next year.

They are signed to Sound-Hub Studios which is a deal that came around after their UK tour back in May.

Del explained: “We done our first tour in May this year, we played all over Scotland but we put together a couple of dates down south.

“I got in touch with them and sent them a submission in. They told us if we were ever down south to pop in and see them.

“So we thought we would make the most of it and we headed down to Derby where we played in front of them, and they said there and then that they wanted us.”

The group then returned to the studios to record three tracks including the single Just Another Friday.

Signing the deal, however, was just one of their 2016 highlights as they also had a support slot at legendary music venue The Barrowlands.

The group opened up for tribute acts Definitely Oasis and The Complete Stone Roses back in November - and the night is one they will not forget.

“It was over in a flash,” beamed Del.

He added: “We had got booked for that at the start of March so we have waited all year buzzing for it.

“It is the biggest stage we have ever played. We loved it and it felt natural.”

In case you missed that gig you will get a chance to see the band before the year is out as The Trend will return to a slightly smaller stage when they headline King Tut's on December 29.

Del said: "I cant wait for that. It is a smaller venue but it is special and we always have a great night in there."

That gig will set them up nicely for the year ahead as Del admits he has set his sights on a slightly bigger audience and the festival circuit.

He also admits that playing the new Glasgow Green festival would be something that the boys would jump at.

He said: "To play there would be amazing. I have only been to the Glasgow Green once and that was to see the stone roses actually.

"The talk of Radiohead as well I love them. They are trying to cater for an older audience too, I would jump at the chance to play that one."

He added: "I want to get on the festival circuit. We have played all the big venues and up and down the country but we have never played at a recognised festival.

"I would definitely love to go on the stage at one of them as I think we could pull a good crowd at the right festival."

Even if The Trend don't get their dream gig, life long Oasis fan Del might just get to see his - if the Gallagher brothers reunite.

He said: "Oasis reunion will happen. My first ever gig when I was a teenager was oasis at Hampden, and I have seen them up and down the country.

"I was obsessed when I was younger."

Catch The Trend at King Tuts on December 29. Doors 8.30pm.

For tickets, visit

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