A GLASGOW MP who is calling for asylum seekers to be given the right to work has hit out at a minister for ‘dodging’ questions.

Alison Thewliss, SNP MP for Glasgow Central, blasted Home Officer minister Sarah Newton, claiming she tried to stop a Westminster debate early yesterday morning.

The Glasgow MP argues that asylum seekers should be allowed to work, and wants the ban to be lifted.

During yesterday’s debate, Ms Thewliss said MPs were attempting to question the minster and put forward their views, however the discussion was closed early without any of the questions being taken.

The MP said: “Valid points were raised by Conservative, Labour and SNP MPs, all of which were ducked by the Minister.

“I am not sure whether the Minister responding didn’t know her brief or if she was genuinely trying to shut down legitimate questions about the fallacy of the current policy.

“Frustratingly, the Government merely repeated the usual right wing rhetoric we’re so used to hearing when it comes to asylum and immigration policy.

“Despite a contemptible performance from the Minister today, the SNP won’t be letting go of this issue. The case for lifting the ban on asylum seekers working is both morally and economically justified.

“Had the Minister allowed the debate to run for the full allotted time today, she might have started to understand that.”

Ms Newton MP said during the debate that she felt the current policies were fair towards “genuine”asylum seekers and commended Alison Thewlis for her “impassioned” speech.