Thousands of carers in Glasgow are waiting for an increase in their allowance with no prospect of a date being set it has been claimed.

It is Scottish Government policy to uprate Carers Allowance to the same level as Jobseekers allowance and powers were devolved last September.

The government is still devising the new Scottish social security system after receiving the powers over 11 benefits affecting more than one million people.

It has set up ‘Experience panels’ to get information form people on benefits to feed into the devising of the new system.

Nicola Sturgeon said in 2015 the Scottish Government would “begin to increase carer’s allowance” when it gets the power to do so.

Labour said ministers are “dragging their feet” and valuable cash is being denied to carers.

Current Carer’s Allowance is £62.10 per week. If it was increased to match Job Seekers Allowance it would rise to £73.10 per week.

Labour said since September, the earliest it could have been topped up carers in the city have been denied £250 and every week vital household income is being lost.

Anas Sarwar, Glasgow MSP and Labour’s health spokesman, said: “Carers in Glasgow are missing out because the SNP government in Edinburgh is dragging its feet over using the new powers of the Scottish Parliament.

“Carers are the unsung heroes of our country. Thousands of people dedicate their lives to caring for others and save the government, particularly our NHS and social care system, billions of pounds because of their selfless care and attention.”

Mr Sarwar said the move would get political support across all parties and could be done now.

He added: “Carers in Glasgow claiming the allowance would be £250 better off if the SNP had delivered at the first opportunity.

“There is cross party support for this policy. No party in the Scottish Parliament would have stood in the way of the SNP had they delivered it when they had the chance. It’s time for the SNP to move beyond warm words and actually keep their promises.”

Across Scotland almost 70,000 carers are thought to be affected.

Carers’ groups have called for the benefit to be uprated and while they understand there are procedures to go through to get it right do not want any unnecessary delays.

Simon Hodgson director Carers Scotland, said: “We welcome the commitment to increasing carers allowance to Jobseekers allowance level. We would like to see it as soon as is practically possible.”

The Scottish Government were asked to comment.