COPS believe thieves are targeting properties in order to steal high value cars.

They have launched a probe after several incidents were reported to cops in the Renfrewshire area.

Officers say the homes are being targeted in the middle of the night.

They also say thieves are targeting homes which tend to have a high value car sitting in the drive or the street. They then steal easily assessable car keys and subsequently the vehicle itself.

A property in Bishopton was targeted at around 1.30am on Thursday. The householder were woken up by a pane of glass being smashed in their front door. 

This allowed the householder to raise the alarm causing the thieves to flee empty handed.

Police believe that this particular house was targeted because of the two high value cars that were parked in the driveway.

Officers are continuing enquires into this latest attempted break-in and additional cops will be patrolling the area throughout the night. Anyone who has any information or concerns is asked to stop and speak to these officers.

Chief Inspector Simon Wright, area commander for Johnstone and Renfrew, said: “We know that homes with expensive cars sitting outside are being targeted. It is extremely distressing for people to wake up in the morning and discover not only have their homes been broken into but their cars have disappeared.

“I would like to remind householders to be mindful as to where they keep both their house and car keys, particularly overnight."

He added: “Do not leave your keys in view. Near your front or back doors or near windows where thieves can easily see them and reach them.

"Please keep them hidden away – don’t give thieves a helping hand to steal your hard earned possessions. You should also never leave any documents in your car as this could help thieves sell your car.

"I’d also urge householders to ensure that they keep their home as secure as possible. Please lock window and doors – particularly if you are leaving the property or retiring for the evening. The same goes for your car – ensure it is locked before you leave it and if you have a security device fitted, ensure it is mobilised.

“You should consider using a home security alarm with door/window contacts as this will easily alert you if there is an intruder in your home.

“If you are aware of an intruder in your home, and if the housebreaking is in progress, call 999 immediately.

“If you have any concerns around home or personal security, please contact your local officer on 101, where you can receive information and guidance.”