Film star Russell Crowe was left scratching his head this week when a Scottish fan pleaded for a retweet from him on Twitter - in a dialect only Scots would understand.

The user - believed to be from the East Dunbartonshire area - sent the Gladiator actor a message saying: “Awrite Russell big chap? Its big Sanny H fae Low Moss fs... Luvd ye in at Gladiator. Minted man! Gies a wee RT bro fur the Low Moss Poss.”

Russell - being the good sport that he is - obliged, but added to his 2.56 million followers: “I believe this is some kind of dialect.”

Evening Times: The social media user couldn’t believe his luck, and told his followers: “Hahaha... Sum man R.C. The Gladiator gave Big Sanny H a retweet!!!! Kin see me starring beside the big man oan his next flick fs.”

One Crowe fan summed up everyone’s feeling when he told the actor: “Scottish old boy. Just agree & back away slowly......”

It’s been a big week for the Scottish dialect.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen was filmed on the set of the new Avengers movie in Edinburgh well and truly settling into Scottish life - by picking up some rather, ahem, rude Scots slang words.

The younger sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - who is playing the part of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in the upcoming film - read aloud some well-known phrases from her phone, including “baws” and “jobby.”