A MAN was jailed for a spate of offences which included handing over a bag of heroin to another person.

Stewart Cassidy was jailed for more than 150 days for the supply and the possession of drugs at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The 42-year-old was also admonished for breaching bail conditions.

One of the bail conditions was not to enter Glasgow City Centre.

The court heard that Cassidy was involved in two drug charges involving 0.3grams of heroin and seven ecstasy tablets.

However the accused’s defending solicitor said that there was no “commerciality” to the supply of heroin.

The solicitor said there was no money involved and he was “doing a favour” for somebody.

Cassidy admitted that on September 25 2015 he had ecstasy in his possession.

He also admitted that on February 22 he supplied heroin, a class A drug, to one person.

He further admitted that on May 9 last year he entered Argyle Street, which was within the exclusion zone as part of a bail condition not to enter the city centre.

Cassidy also admitted that he failed to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court on December 19 2016.

He also admitted to failing to check in at a Helen Street Police Station as part of a bail condition.

The sentencing sheriff jailed him for 165 days.