Imagine never having tasted takeaway food - and then getting a huge helicopter delivery of pizza.

That’s exactly what happened to Britain’s most remote community after a major pizza company stepped in to give Scottish villagers a taste of the base.

Residents who live in the very quiet Scottish village of Inverie on the Knoydart Peninsula, had NEVER had a takeaway delivery until this week.

The epic takeaway delivery might, initially, may seem a little over-the-top but, because Inverie is so remote, it was only accessible by helicopter or ferry, so the audacious delivery method was the only real way to ensure the villagers got their first taste of takeaway pizza.

In a scene reminiscent of the classic movie Close Encounters, villagers watched open-mouthed as the large helicopter hovered above the green field outside their homes before lowering down a crateful of pizza.

Inverie resident Ian Robertson, 70, described how “we’ve heard all about takeaway food being delivered elsewhere in the UK,” added: “We’ve never actually been able to enjoy one ourselves. Because we’re so remote, no-one would ever deliver here.

“It is really quite something. It’s definitely not something we’ll forget in a hurry. And the pizza was lovely.”

Inverie in Western Scotland has been labelled by experts as ‘Britain’s Last Wilderness’.

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It has just 120 residents and is officially home to the UK’s most remote public house, The Old Forge. The whole community is so small that it shares a single postcode.

Inverie is only reachable, aside from a 17-mile hike over very rough terrain, by a regular seven-mile ferry from Mallaig, giving the place a Guinness National Record for remoteness. The UK road network doesn’t extend to the peninsula.

The community has just two shops and a post office to keep the Old Forge pub company.

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The nearest police station and doctor’s surgery are six miles away by ferry in Mallaig, and the nearest hospital is in Fort William 26 miles away.

The Mallaig lifeboat acts as the community’s emergency response unit.

The community is completely separated for the National Grid and acquires all its electricity from renewable energies - the primary source of power for the village is a unique hydro electric system.

They’ve never had anything half resembling a takeaway premises, which is no surprise, given that to reach the nearest takeaway it would take a minimum of two hours - travelling by boat and car.