A MAN tried to run from police officers after he demanded a lift from people he didn’t even know.

Mohammed Shahid was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court after he entered a car and became threatening.

The court heard that the 38-year-old of Daisy Street, Govanhill, had been drinking before the incident.

At 8.20pm two men who were in the car on Allison Street saw the accused approach.

Shahid then asked for a lift but the driver of the car refused.

He then opened the rear passenger side door and got in. Shahid’s actions were not taken kindly by the occupiers of the car who confronted him.

Shahid then said “f*** you” and challenged the driver of the car to a fight.

After Shahid was out the car, police officers on patrol came across the incident and one of the witnesses told them what happened.

The officers were told that Shahid and the driver of the car had been involved in a “scuffle” where the accused grabbed the driver by the hair. But as officers made their move to arrest the accused he ran away.

Police soon caught up with him and escorted him to Cathcart Police Station.

Shahid’s defending solicitor said he had been under the influence of alcohol and was under the impression that he knew the driver of the car.

The solicitor said he thought he knew the occupiers from the Mosque and at the time his “judgment was hindered”.

He took full responsibility for his actions.

Shahid admitted that on December 12 2014 on Allison Street he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by entering a car occupied my two men, demanded a lift, challenged the driver to a fight, seized him by the hair and shouted and swore.

He also admitted that on the same date at the same place he obstructed the work of two police officers police officers when they informed him he was under arrest.

He was fined £350.