A NURSERY school has suffered “heartbreaking” vandalism.

Bonnybroom Nursery saw its brand new outdoor play huts wrecked just 24 hours after they were completed.

Thugs broke into the playground and attacked the three wooden houses over the weekend when they had just been installed.

The vandalism comes immediately after the Evening Times told how Cranhill’s Bellrock Nursery was ransacked and robbed by thugs.

Liz Peat, depute head teacher, said: “It is heartbreaking.

“It is just really sad. These were not even up for a weekend and they have been badly damaged.

“We are right in the middle of a building site because we were previously surrounded by the Red Road flats and so we are a wee oasis for the community.

“It was probably children whose brothers and sisters and cousins come to this nursery too. That makes it even more sad.”

The nursery had procured the three outdoor play huts - which look like little houses - but needed help having them installed.

Bonnybroom called on the Community Payback team to ask for help and a group of young men on Community Payback Orders came out.

They built the huts but also created small gardens around each one.

The work took all week but was finished last Friday - and the children were delighted with the results.

However, during the weekend, a group of young people - who were spotted by a security guard on the neighbouring building site - broke in and trashed them.

Doors were pulled up, panels broken and flower beds ruined.

Ms Peat said: “These are boys who are paying back to their communities and have put all this work in only to have it ruined.

“The boys came back to the nursery on Thursday and even they were really upset about it.”

Ms Peat said staff had tried to shield the children from the damage as they do not want the little ones to be upset.

The damage comes four years after a very similar incident at the nursery when a treehouse was ruined the first weekend it was built.

Ms Peat said: “We had sat the children down and said, ‘What would you like for your playground?’

“And one wee boy shouted out, ‘A tree house’ so we said, ‘And what do you need to build a tree house?’

“He said, ‘Two joiners,’ which made us laugh. But it turned out his dad and grandad were joiners.

“After we wrote to them, Jewsons gave us the run of what materials we needed and the dad and grandad built us the most beautiful tree house.

“The first weekend it was up, they broke in and tried to burn it.”

Ms Peat also said the nursery has had two attempted break ins and the playground has been previously targeted.

She added: “I feel sad for the young people who have done this because what must they have going on in their lives that they think this level of destruction is something that gives them pleasure?

“That’s not normal behaviour for children.

“Something has happened in their lives to make them think it’s ok to go and wreck things.”