A Scotsman has been hailed a hero the world over for emergency braking on a winding country road - to save a huge family of pheasants.

Chris Cogan from Rogart in the Highlands captured the amazing moment via his dashcam which he posted onto Facebook.

In just two days, it’s received more than 15,000 views

Driving along the scenic route next to his village, eagle-eyed Chris managed to come to a complete stop, even though the birds blend in with the road, making them difficult to spot.

Upon posting the video online, Chris explained: “Nearly wiped up a huge family of pheasants, just before Rogart, Sutherland.

“Lucky, I spotted her with her day-old chicks.

“Stopped the traffic. Before gathering up the ones who run back into the grass verge and put them with the hen.”

Thankfully, it was a happy ending for all involved.

“I got them all safely into the field,” Chris added.