Rumour had it that Hibs footballer Jason Cummings took travel adaptors with him on a recent trip to Wales - and it turns out it was true.

Twitter user @DavidWilkes2012 somehow caught wind of the hilarious situation and mentioned the striker in a post.

He wrote: “Just heard @Jasoncummings35 took travel adapters to Cardiff - true or false?”

Evening Times:

Confessing to what we all hoped he wouldn’t, 21-year-old Cummings replied: “Better safe than sorry bro.”

He basically lined himself up to be the butt of the joke as his followers were quick to ask whether he had also taken Euros along with him as well.

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The funny moment comes a month after Cummings posted a bizarre video of him challenging wrestler Grado to a scrap in the Hibs training ground, much to the amusement of boss Neil Lennon and several teammates.