Political Correspondent

RUTH Davidson declared the Scottish Tories are back, as he party launched its Scottish Manifesto for the General Election.

Together with Prime Minister Theresa May she set out the Tory message to voters for the poll on June 8.

The plans include protecting the winter fuel allowance in Scotland while there will be means testing in England.

Ms May defended the policy saying t was right for England but devolution meant a different approach could be taken in Scotland.

She said: “The decision we have made about winter fuel payments is that we will continue to ensure that the least well-off pensioners are supported but there is a principle of fairness.

“You see well-off pensioners getting help with their fuel bill and struggling ordinary families not having that help available.”

Ms Davidson continued her campaign of appealing to no voters and said the election was a chance to send a message to the SNP.

She said: “Now, this manifesto today makes one thing very clear. It’s that the Scottish Conservatives are back.

Back in the centre ground of Scottish politics. Back with ideas and plans to take our country forward.”

She said on education the SNP+ had let Scotland down with falling standards.

The Tory leader then quickly turned her focus from the manifesto to the SNP.

She said: “And, at this election, we are offering to do something else too.

And that is to send the SNP a clear and unequivocal message. No to their unwanted plan for another referendum on independence.”

The Tory leader said: “It is time to work with family, friends and neighbours across the UK to boost our security and our prosperity.

“We know Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to hear that.

“So at this election we say this: let’s bring the SNP down to size. To make her listen.”

She made a pitch to Labour voters to abandon their party and vote Tory at this election in tactical voting effort.

Ms Davidson said: “In great swathes of the country, it is only the Scottish Conservatives who are strong enough to take on the SNP. And in many places we can only win, if you join with us.”