SHE has two Ferraris, loves driving and is one of just a handful of people in the UK to own the new Ford supercar.

But when Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald gets married, don’t expect the bride to arrive in a fancy motor.

“Oh no, I don’t like all the attention over something like that,” she says, wincing at the thought.

“I’ll probably just turn up in a taxi…”

Amy has not yet set a date to tie the knot with her footballer fiancée Richard Foster, who plays for St Johnstone.

“I’m just too busy to even think about it at the moment,” she says. “There isn’t really even time for me to have a day off so we’re not planning it yet.”

Amy’s fourth album, Under Stars, is out now and she is about to start ‘crazy festival season’ with gigs planned all over the UK and Europe.

“It seems to get earlier every year, but I love it,” she grins. “I’m starting at the Hay Festival in London in about a week’s time and then I’ll be all over the place until October – lots of lovely gigs in the sunshine. Hopefully…”

There’s a brief stop in Scotland – at the Party at the Palace in Linlithgow on August 13 – and two gigs in December at the Barrowland in Glasgow.

“That will be crazy, so close to Christmas, but it’s my favourite venue so I can’t wait,” says Amy.

“It feels good to be back out there, performing again.”

Before her tour last year, it had felt to fans like Amy had disappeared off the face of the earth.

The Bishopbriggs-born singer songwriter, who has sold more than nine million records, hadn’t released an album since 2012 and the 2016 dates were the first in four years.

“I’d had eight crazy years and I needed to be normal again,” she says, simply. “Things felt like they were running away from me a little bit.

“Taking a break, spending time with my friends and family, was great. I love living in Glasgow, it’s a great city.

“I’m a real homely person – I like to be surrounded by my family and my close friends. It’s where I’m most comfortable.”

It’s just the cars then, that are Amy’s concession to a rock and roll lifestyle?

She grins: “Perhaps. I do love my cars. I’ve been driving since I passed my test at 17 and it’s always been a bit of a passion for me – much more than just getting me from A to B.

“I was really lucky because I got a record deal at the same time I passed my test, so I actually had some money to buy a car.”

Her first car was a red Mini Cooper.

“I loved it – the Mini was such a great car,” she says, fondly. “But I remember being on tour in this tiny little van and seeing an Audi R8 and thinking – oh, I hope the album does well so I can buy that…..”

She laughs: “Thankfully my career has allowed me to develop my crazy passion…”

As well as owning two Ferraris – the 458 and the 488 GTB – Amy is now the proud owner of the exclusive Ford GT, the company’s new supercar.

Only a handful are coming to the UK and Amy admits it was a strange experience trying to buy one.

“You had to fill in an application form – honestly, it was about 10 pages long,” she laughs. “It was like applying for a job.

“Luckily they liked my answers and I was really excited when I heard I was getting the chance to buy one.

“I won’t get it until next year but I can’t wait.”

She smiles: “I’d love to drive it around Glasgow but everyone would know it was me…”

Glasgow remains Amy’s home, despite her superstar success.

“It’s a great city, I don’t want to live anywhere else,” she says. “Ever since the Commonwealth Games in 2014, there’s been an amazing atmosphere in Glasgow.

“There’s a real buzz about the city, and new restaurants and bars are opening up all the time – I can’t keep up with it.”

She adds: “I have been lucky to have had a lot of success in Germany and quite often my label over there bring over a team of German journalists to come to my shows.

“It’s been really lovely because they always think the world of Glasgow. Last time, I think there must have been about 15 German writers over here and they thought the city was fantastic.”

Amy’s love of cars has taken her career in a surprising direction too.

“I never thought, when I was starting out, that I’d be playing car shows,” she grins.

“I’ve played the Shanghai Motor Show, the Geneva Motor Show…that’s a bit unexpected. But it’s been a lot of fun.”

She was also interviewed by Pink Floyd star Nick Mason, for a feature in Ferrari’s official magazine.

“He’s a real car fanatic,” she explains. “We were driving around Loch Lomond in my 458, chatting about cars and all I could think about was – wow. This man is in PINK FLOYD. It was incredible.”

Amy’s dream drive is along the top of Scotland – the North Coast 500, billed as our answer to Route 66.

“I’d love to do it - I love driving in Scotland,” she says.

“There’s a little road up north, from Aviemore to Elgin, that’s a beautiful drive. After the dreaded A9, it’s great to turn off on to twisty-turny country roads. It’s a real thrill to drive in Scotland because it’s such a beautiful place.”

The tour transport, as Amy kicks off her festival season, might be a little less glamorous than a Ferrari or a Ford GT, but the singer is looking forward to getting back on the road.

“It was good to have a break, but I’m pleased to be back,” she smiles. “I’m really proud of the new album, I think it’s the best I’ve ever done, and I’m looking forward to letting everyone hear it.”

Amy Macdonald’s latest album, Under Stars, is out now. She is touring Britain and Europe over the next few months, performing at Linlithgow’s Party at the Palace on August 13 and Glasgow Barrowland on December 15 and 16. Visit for more information.