A MAN held up a train service and fired homophobic remarks at police as officers attempted to wake him up.

Hayden Walker started shouting “ooh ah up the Ra” and used a homophobic slur towards a female officer after he refused to get off a train at Glasgow Queen Street station.

The 26-year-old was sleeping when the train arrived at the station and he didn’t wake up when train staff asked him to get off the train.

This resulted in the police getting involved.

Walker demanded to be left alone but police soon resorted to lift him off the carriage.

Sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court, it was heard that Walker’s antics led to the delayed departure of the train.

As police attempted to remove him he started shouting at the female officer involved. He hurled homophobic at her.

Police noted he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

He was eventually removed from the train and taken to Glasgow Police Office.

Walker admitted that on April 5 2017 at Queen Street Railway Station and Glasgow Police Office, Stewart Street, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by acting in an aggressive manner, shouting, swearing and uttering sectarian and homophobic remarks.

Walker’s defending solicitor called his actions “idiotic” and had far to much to drink.

Along with his tiredness this lead Walker to become argumentative with the people trying to wake him up.

He added: “He was not aware of how he acted due to his demeanour at the time.

“He is not proud of how he gets to hear how he has behaved.”

The solicitor also said that Walker, who lives in Watts Corner in Glastonbury, was back in Glasgow for another court appearance.

It was said he had moved down south to get away from the trouble he was involved in when he lived in the area.

He was jailed for five months which was back dated to April 7.

He committed this offence while on bail granted to him on September 9 last year.