KEZIA Dugdale wants Tory and LibDem supporters to help Labour oust SNP MPs, but not the other way round.

As she launched the party’s Scottish Manifesto, Ms Dugdale said in seats where Labour is the best placed to defeat the SNP voters should “think before they vote”.

However where where the Tories or LibDems are in a better position than Labour she told her party’s supporters to still vote Labour.

Ms Dugdale urged tactical voting for her party in a bid to “break the hold of nationalism”.

She said: “In 2015 we lost out because people who wanted to stop the nationalists voted for different parties.

“It meant that places across the country which voted to stay in the UK ended up with SNP MPs who spent their time campaigning to rip it apart.

“Today, I’m asking people in those communities to think before they vote.”

However she appeared to dash any hopes other parties might have of a unionist tactical alliance across Scotland to defeat SNP candidates.

When asked in seats where another party could defeat the SNP, should Labour supporters think carefully, she replied with a smile: “They should vote Labour”.