A Glasgow dad and writer has had Twitter in fits of laughter today after sharing an image of some sassy feedback his daughter gave to her teacher.

Sharing the image online, Mason Cross - author of the critically-acclaimed Carter Blake thriller series - said: “My daughter actually submitted this feedback at school. Not sure if I should ground her or buy her ice cream…”

When asked what things her teacher could do better, Mr Cross’ daughter replied: “Not use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing and under the 1949 Geova [sic] Conventions it is a war crime.”


Evening Times:

Within hours, the post has received over 50,000 reactions and hundreds of comments from people praising the answer.

Naturally, there has been doubt, with some accusing the author of making the post up for retweets.

“Meh, no way this actually happened. Shame on you, using your kid for rts..,” said one Twitter user.

Mr Cross replied: “dude if I’d made it up I would have got her to fix the spelling of ‘Geneva’.”

Burn again.

Mr Cross has since assured Twitterverse his daughter thinks her teacher is “awesome,” but he added: “It’s just this aspect of the educational justice system she has an issue with.”