DISCOUNT store Poundland is launching a Toblerone lookalike - and it's set to be cheaper and bigger than the original Swiss variation.

The triangular bar called Twin Peaks will cost £1 and will get sweettooths two rows of chocolate in the similar shape to the iconic design. 

While Toblerone's shape is based on the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, Twin Peak's inspiration looks a bit closer to home.

Evening Times: Poundland

Rather than a mountain, the dual ridge design is based on a hill in Shropshire.

Poundland's offering comes out following the backlash at shrinking sizes of Brit's favourite chocolate treats.

An insider told The Mail on Sunday: “We were really hacked off by Toblerone.

“We weren’t consulted about the reduction in size, and what’s worse, some customers blamed us for it.”