Now here's something you don't see every day...

A woman was seen strolling through the streets of Blackburn, West Lothian with a horse.

However that's not the most unusual thing about the picture posted by resident Derek Newall on Friday.

The photo also shows award winning singer Susan Boyle taking her cat out for a walk behind her along Ladeside Road.

Evening Times: Photo by Derek Newall

The Britain's Got Talent star has sold more than 25m records and has amassed an estimated personal fortune of £22m.

However despite her wealth, the Scots star remains close to her roots and still lives in the former council house where she grew up.

SuBo also owns a £300,000 five-bedroom villa nearby however prefers her childhood home and tends to only use her bigger house for extra storage.

Susan, who feared she lost her cat last year might be wanting to make sure her moggie does stray too far away.

We're not entirely sure about the lady walking the horse though.