A CREEPY would-be uncle bombarded his partner’s 14-year-old niece with a torrent of disgusting sexualised messages on Facebook.

Patrick Murray, 35, sent dozens of explicit texts via the social network’s Messenger app during a 24-hour period.

As reported by the Greenock Telegraph, In one message the pervert asked the ‘extremely distressed’ Inverclyde schoolgirl to engage in a live video call with him while he showered.

Murray continued sending explicit texts to the underage youngster, unaware that she had handed her mobile phone to her mum — who had in turn alerted her sister, and the police.

But despite overwhelming evidence against him, Murray left it until the day of his trial — with the girl waiting to testify against him — before pleading guilty.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how he had sent an initial text to her, saying ‘Hi’, shortly after two o’clock on the morning of April 10.

Prosecutor Kevin Doherty said: “Mr Murray had added the girl on Facebook, where her profile clearly states that she is aged 14, and he began taking an interest in her activities.

“The complainer in this case is the niece of a woman who was Mr Murray’s partner at the time of the offence.

“He sent a further message at 7.41am stating, ‘Sorry, didn’t mean that’, then here was another message at 4.10pm, enquiring as to how a school event had gone.”

The court was told how Murray’s messages rapidly became sinister after the girl had replied to him about the event.

Fiscal depute Mr Doherty said: “The accused thereafter replied, ‘Cool — just popping in a shower’.

“He then sent a request for a video call, which the complainer declined.”

Murray continued sending messages late into the night before the girl texted him at 11.14pm to tell him she was in Tesco.

Mr Doherty said: “By this time the complainer had become alarmed and concerned and she was unsure why Patrick Murray was messaging her so frequently.

“She thought that by saying she was in Tesco that this would stop him, however, that ploy did not have the desired effect and Patrick Murray sent her a further 18 messages.

“He stated, ‘I’m doing something — wanna see? Lol’.

“The complainer was now extremely concerned and replied, ‘What?’

“Immediately, the accused messaged her in a sexualised way in telling her exactly what he was about to do.”

Mr Doherty added: “On receiving that message the complainer was extremely distressed and she went to her mother and handed her her mobile phone.

“At this time Patrick Murray’s partner had contacted him and she noticed that he was under the influence of alcohol.

“While the complainer was still in her mother’s bedroom further messages came through from Patrick Murray.